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The Rapala story began in the 1930’s in Finland when Lauri Rapala made a simple observation that big fish eat smaller fish, targeting the wounded ones first. Lauri set out to carve a lure to mimic the wounded minnows. Armed with cork, a shoemaker’s knife, sandpaper, and a plan, what would become one of the world’s most popular lures took shape. Just as he had envisioned, big fish couldn’t resist the wounded action of the Original Floating Rapala. Today, Rapala continues to make the Original Floating Minnow. In addition, they offer crankbaits, jerkbaits, topwater baits, jigs, and more. They also offer a full lineup of tools, pliers, scales, and fillet knives. As one of the most recognizable brands to fishermen around the world, it’s likely you have a Rapala lure in your tackle box. Whether you fish a DT Series for bass, a Husky Jerk for walleye, or the Original Floating Minnow for trout, as long as big fish are eating smaller fish, fish will be eating a Rapala.