Prospective Supplier Information

Thanks for your interest in becoming a MidwayUSA Supplier! Currently, we offer our Customers over 100,000 different products from 800 plus suppliers. MidwayUSA doesn’t offer every product in the industry; our strategy is to offer “Just About Everything” our Customers are looking for. Our buyers attend all the major trade shows, looking for new suppliers and new products, but sometimes new suppliers come to us.

What We Consider When Adding A New Supplier

What Why
1. Multiple product offering, with annual sales volume of all products greater than $5,000 Our costs of ordering, paying the invoices and managing the account makes it unrealistic to engage very small Suppliers.
2. Products that will be interesting to our Customers, possibly unique We want to offer our Customers new and exciting products. We also value the relationships with our existing Suppliers, and want to support their product lines. ‘Me-to’, commodity-type products aren’t something our Customers are looking for.
3. Products that are ready to sell to our Customers We are a distributor, not a manufacturer, and are not set up to deal with ideas or patents, and don’t offer any type of consulting service about product design or development.
4. Suppliers that carry product liability insurance (for most products) If a Customer is injured while using a product, and the Supplier doesn’t carry product liability insurance, the lawyers come to us for damages.
5. Products that will be around for a long time We don’t typically add fad-type products.
6. Suppliers/products that have an established and reputable presence in the shooting and outdoor industry Normally, we expect new Suppliers to have a website and to be actively marketing their products within the industry.
7. Suppliers who do not compete with us It’s standard practice for Suppliers to offer their products to end consumers at the suggested retail price. We understand, but we don’t add Suppliers that we have to compete with.

How to Submit Your Product Information for Evaluation

  1. Download and fill out the Prospective Supplier Form
  2. Submit the following:
    • Completed Prospective Supplier form
    • Price List
      • Product Number, Product Description, Cost, Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, Order Minimums

Sample Products

Please do not send samples, unless specifically requested. If we need a sample for evaluation, we will contact you and provide shipping and routing information. All sample products become the property of MidwayUSA and will not be returned. MidwayUSA does not purchase product samples.

Mailing Address:
5875 West Van Horn Tavern Road
Columbia, MO 65203