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Cancel / Change Order

Sometimes it is necessary to change or cancel an order after it has already been placed. We try to balance Super-Fast, Low-Cost Shipping while still trying to be Customer friendly when it comes to orders. Our shipping system is so fast, in many cases, it is only seconds from the time the order is placed until the time our folks in the shipping department start packing your order. Our Nitro-Express Shipping system ensures we get your order picked, pulled, packed and shipped quickly. Unfortunately, because our processes happen so quickly, it prohibits us from allowing changes to orders once they have been placed.

If you need to make a change to your order, including:

  • Adding/removing products
  • Modifying your credit card or billing information
  • Modifying the shipping address or shipping method

You will need to cancel your current order and place a new order with the updated information. Please understand, we ship extremely quickly. Depending on the level of orders we are experiencing when you place your order, the cancellation window may only be a few minutes and typically not longer than 15 minutes. Please cancel and reorder as soon as you realize you need to make a change in order to have the best opportunity to catch the order before it ships. Once it ships, your order cannot be cancelled.

To Cancel your order:

  1. Go to In the header, just to the right of the search window, you should see either.
    1. Sign In and My Account OR Your account name and My Account. If you see “Sign In” please sign into your account.
  2. After you Sign In, or if you were already Signed In, click the down arrow to the right of “My Account”
  3. From the Drop down menu, click Orders.
  4. Find the order you want to cancel and click “Cancel Order”.

    NOTE: There are several reasons you may not be able to cancel an order online:
    • If we have begun fulfilling your order, it can no longer be cancelled. Due to our super-fast Nitro Express Shipping™, orders are typically able to be cancelled for about 15 minutes after they are placed.
    • Orders that include items shipped from the Manufacturer cannot be cancelled online.
    • Orders that include backordered items must have those items cancelled first. Please follow the steps outlined for Cancel / Change Current Backorder, and then follow these steps to cancel your order. Once you have selected to cancel your order, a confirmation window will open to verify the action. Clicking the "Cancel Order" button will permanently cancel your order. Clicking the “Don’t Cancel Order” button will exit the window.

  5. If you cancelled your order, you are now free to start a new order with the updated information. If you chose not to cancel your original order, you can always place an additional order for any items you may have missed. At this time, we do not have a way to combine or consolidate orders.

See also: Change/Cancel Current Backorder

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