Top 5 Wireless Trail Cams

Keep tabs on your target buck without him ever knowing you are there with a new wireless trail camera from some of the best brands in the industry. A wide offering with cellular compatibility to AT&T or Verizon means you no longer have to be at your property to know what is going on there.

Browning Defender Wireless Pro Scout Cellular Trail Camera 18 MP

As cellular camera technology continues to advance, so do the products Browning Trail Cameras offers.  With the Browning Trail Cameras Defender Wireless Scout Pro, Browning offers a high performance cell camera at a reasonable price.  With 18MP image capability and 900p HD video, the Scout Pro camera is still capable of delivering the results you deserve, but the adjustable trigger speeds and adjustable flash allows users to create a customized experience to best meet your needs.  Additionally, with the ability to download HD images and videos, manage the cameras through a convenient mobile app, and no long-term contracts, users will find the high-performance of these cameras both reliable and easy to use.   Available in both AT&T and Verizon models, this camera is capable of performing in a wide range of regions across the U.S.


  • 18MP
  • 120 ft. IR Flash Range
  • 0.22- 0.7 Adjustable Second Trigger Speed
  • 0.4 Second Recovery Time
  • Adjustable Infrared LED Illumination at Night ( Powersave, Long Range, Fast Motion)
  • 1600 x 900 HD+ Videos with Sound (5 sec. - 2 min. length)
  • 80 ft. Detection Range
  • Illuma-Smart Technology Automatically adjusts IR Flash for Perfect Night Photos
  • SD Card Management
  • Long battery life from 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Up to 8 Multi Shot Images
  • Up to 8 Rapid Fire Images
  • Smart IR Video
  • Programmable Picture Delay (1 sec. – 60 min.)
  • Picture info bar displays: Time, Date, Temperature, Moon Phase, Camera ID, baro pressure
  • 12 volt External Power Jack
  • Supports up to 512GB SDXC Memory Card (not included)
  • ¼” -20 Tripod Socket
  • Timelapse Plus camera mode with IR triggered images
  • Compatible with Browning Buck Watch Timelapse Viewer Software

Cellular Functions

  • Operates on a nationwide 4G LTE Network
  • Uploads standard images
  • Uploads HD images or Video clips
  • Email / Text images or video clips
  • Create and Manage footage in Folders
  • Month-to-Month Data plans
  • No Contracts
  • Activate cameras only when you need them
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Scheduled or immediate image uploads
  • Plans start as low as $9.99 per month with 1200 standard images


What Customers Are Saying

I will be buying another on go a separate location

This is a great camera. I get instant photos of what is happening in front of the camera on my cell phone.
- Fred, 11/27/2020

About Browning

Browning is one of those classic, traditional companies with a long, proud history. To get to the very beginning one would have to go back to 1805, to the birth of Jonathan Browning in Tennessee. Jonathan was the father of John Moses Browning. Like many of his time he sought a life in the West, which eventually had him setting up shop as a gunmaker and gunsmith of some note in Nauvoo, Illinois and eventually brought him further West, with the Mormon pioneers to Ogden, Utah.

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Muddy Outdoors Manifest Cellular Trail Camera 16 MP

The all new Muddy Manifest Wireless Cameras are not only one of the easiest wireless cameras to setup, but pack a punch at a highly competitive price point.  In a matter of minutes you will have images transmitting with their quick scan QR setup, combined with Stealth Cam’s new data plans, Manifest offers affordable options for every budget & need.


Monthly Plans (Includes One Year of Cloud Storage)

Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan implementation after 30 days)

$5 – 650 images

$10 – 2000 images

$15 – Unlimited

$50 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images (3 cameras included – add additional cameras for $5 each)

Annual Plans (pre-paid 12 months) –  (Includes One Year of Cloud Storage)

Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan after 30 days).

$4 – 650 images/month ($48 / Year)

$8 – 2000 images/month ($96 / Year)

$12 – Unlimited /month ($144 / Year)

$40 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images/month ($480 / Year – 3 cameras included – additional cameras for $5 each)

Elite Hunter Management (Coming Soon)

$5 optional add-on to monthly or annual plans (per camera)

  1. Animal detection & filing
  2. Security tracking
  3. Two years of dedicated cloud storage


  • AT&T or Verizon compatible models
  • 2020 Stealth Cam Command APP & WEB Interface
  • GEO-TAG GPS Tagging
  • QR Code Scan to set up
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Power LED Emitters
  • Best night images in price category
  • 16MP image Capture
  • 1-3 Photo Burst


What Customers Are Saying

I would buy these cameras again

I bought two of these cameras in early August. The first 30 days was free, now I am paying $5.00 per month for the pictures to be sent directly to my phone. I use Verizon as a carrier. The program used by these cameras to send the pictures is not totally reliable. On many occasions it would not open up immediately or at all, sometimes for a whole day. During the initial 30 days I could not share the pictures for some reason. As soon as I started paying for the service I could send the pictures via text and email. I attached two pictures from the two different cameras so you can see what to expect. One from day time and one from night time. I love getting the pictures on my phone and find it keeps me focused on the hunt when everyday life intervenes. I like the cameras and have enjoyed them over the past three months. I added a solar charger to one of the cameras but battery life has not been an issue so far. The batteries in both cameras are still full three months later with some 20 degree weather over th...
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Spypoint Link-Micro LTE Cellular Low Glow Trail Camera 10 MP

The Spypoint Link-Micro LTE Cellular Low Glow Trail Camera pairs the most popular cellular trail camera in years with the ultra-reliable LTE cellular network. It is a photo-mode only camera, with multi-shot capabilities. The companion app allows you to control the settings of the camera and offers a full complement of advanced scouting tools like enhanced AI species filters, and mapping and weather integration.


  • 10 megapixels
  • .5-second trigger speed
  • 80-foot detection and flash range

What Customers Are Saying

I will buy this product again

Have ten camera that we move to different locations to see actively at those spots. Great game camera you do have to use there camera cards other cards will cause you problems
- Aoudad, 9/24/2021 Shop Now

Spartan GoCam Blackout Cellular Trail Camera 8 MP

The Spartan GoCam Blackout Cellular Trail Camera is a leading brand for sustainability and functionality. This model features rapid image/video transmission and an IR/Blackout flash which is designed to reach an extensive range of 80 feet. Spartan knows that product durability is important to a true outdoorsman, so they have integrated features like a well-built latch design, along with robust water-intrusion prevention, giving Spartan cameras an impressive ability to stand up to the outdoor elements. The dependable PIR motion detector along with a high-speed trigger time will reshape the way you see trail cams. Multi-use Spartan GoCams introduce the latest technology for hunting, scouting, and more. Spartan GoCam uses the Spartan mobile app and web portal for convenient image and video viewing as well as full remote camera management allowing Spartan users to efficiently communicate with their cameras regardless of camera location.


  • Rapid image transmission
  • Video transmission technology
  • Photo Burst: 1, 2, 3
  • Trigger Time: 0.6s
  • Convenient Image access via app or web portal
  • Class-leading image quality
  • Full two-year warranty
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TACTACAM Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera

The TACTACAM Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera is the ultimate remote scouting tool. The camera is ideal for locations with limited access or to put on your hunting properties. Start seeing the action as it’s happening even when you’re not in the woods. It is not only small and discreet, but powerful enough to handle the extreme outdoor weather. Its fast trigger and low glow infrared will freeze the action day or night without spooking wildlife.


  • Sub 1/2s Trigger Speeds
  • Adjustable Night Illumination at 96+ft
  • Detect animals at 96+ft
  • Image on Demand with HD photo download request from APP
  • Requires 12 AA Batteries
  • IP66 Waterproof Certified
  • External Port for Solar Panel
  • One Year Warranty
  • In-house Customer Service
  • LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level
  • Uploads thumbnail images with HD image requests
  • Create and manage pictures in folders
  • Month-to-Month Data plans
  • No Contracts/Activation fees
  • Activate cameras only when you need them
  • Easy to use mobile app with daily camera status reports

What Customers Are Saying

Definitely buy this again

Crazy how easy to setup an very affordable also. Ran multiple cells cams before an none compared to the Reveal X. Definitely a game changer for ppl that travel or want to stay out of the area.
- Trent Deboer, 6/11/2021 Shop Now