Top 5 Camping Hacks

Make your next camping trip a breeze with these products designed to bring the conveniences of home to campsite life. Boil water in a snap, get cleaned up without jumping into a frigid pond, and brew a delicious cup of coffee, all without the hassles of making a fire or building a solar shower.

Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink Collapsible

The Sea to Summit Collapsible Kitchen Sink is a portable collapsible camp sink that stands on its own when filled with water. The sink is great for collecting and carrying water for purification, cooking, washing dishes, or personal bathing. It is ideal for backpacking or group camping and they make a great gift for those tricky outdoors people that seem to have everything but the kitchen sink.


  • Stainless steel stiffening ring that prevents the sink from collapsing when full
  • Fine to use with hot water (up to 140°F / 60°C) and detergent
  • Fully taped seams
  • Wide webbing carry handles
  • Comes with a zippered storage pouch with drain hole

Note: Bleach (even in mild concentrations) will damage the polyurethane coating and Nylon fabric and should not be used

What Customers Are Saying

makes an ok doggie bowl..

Too small for dishes but self adjusts to contain dogwater on uneven ground.
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JetBoil Flash Cooking System

Quick boil times come standard on the JetBoil Flash Cooking System, the ultimate camping stove for preparing coffee, soup, or dehydrated meals on the trail. Optimized for efficiency, the Flash boils water in a lightning-quick 100 seconds, making it the fastest Jetboil ever. Jetboil's 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy makes boiling water—and keeping it warm a breeze. Start heating instantly with the convenient, reliable pushbutton igniter, and verify that the water's ready with the thermochromatic color-change heat indicator. Compatible Jetboil accessories, such as a coffee press, hanging kit, pot support, skillet, FluxRing cooking pot, and utensils make this a necessity for your next backpacking adventure. Includes fuel canister stabilizer; bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup and a bowl; easy to pack and carry at only 13.1 ounces.


  • Boils water in a lightning-quick 100 seconds
  • 1-liter FluxRing cooking cup with insulating cozy makes boiling water a breeze
  • Convenient, reliable pushbutton igniter
  • Thermochromatic color-change heat indicator lets you know when water's ready
  • Includes fuel canister stabilizer
  • One-year limited warranty

About Jetboil

In 2004, Jetboil revolutionized backcountry cooking by creating the original all-in-one stove system. Today we continue to innovate with a range of intuitive, reliable, and lightning-quick stove systems. Whether you're boiling water for coffee or cooking up dinner for the crew we'll satisfy cravings and never leave you hanging. So, pack your bags. Chase incredible views. We got dinner.

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Sea to Summit Wilderness Hand/Field Wipes

Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes will clean and refresh you when a shower, or even just water, isn't a possibility. The extra thick Viscose non-woven fiber is soft and gentle on your skin, removing salt and unpleasant odors caused by sweat, with no need to rinse. Formulated to be gentle to your skin and the environment, Wilderness Wipes are pH balanced for human skin and are readily compostable after use.


  • 100% Viscose fiber
  • Extra thick wipes
  • Contains aloe vera and vitamin E
  • Skin friendly
  • Re-sealable packet


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Pyro Putty Winter Blend Fire Starter 2 oz Can

The Pyro Putty Winter Blend Fire Starter is designed thinner specifically for cold temperatures. One nickel size piece of Pyro Putty can produce a 4 to 6-inch flame that will burn between 6 and 10 minutes. Because you are using such a small amount each time, you can make up to 20 fires with just one .5 oz can.

You can also use Pyro Putty to mark trails by exposing it to UV light to make it glow in the dark and because of its waterproof feature, you can use it to repair leaky tents or even waterproof shoes.


  • Waterproof and weather-resistant
  • Quick ignition
  • Can repair leaky tents and shoes
  • Glows in the dark

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I would buy this again

Works as advertised
- Shawn, 12/24/2022 Shop Now

SOL Solar Shower 20 Liter

Rinse off after an adventure with the packable SOL Solar Shower’s 20 L capacity. This portable solar shower is easy to use with instructions and a thermometer printed on the bag. Simply unscrew the front cap for easy filling and place with the black backing material in the sun. It absorbs heat from the sun to warm the water up to 120° Fahrenheit. Hang above you with the rugged handle and buckle. Store toiletries and a mirror in the front mesh pocket for easy access during your shower. The flow-control shower head gives you the choice of water pressure. Make base camp feel like home with the SOL Solar Shower.


  • 5-Gallon Capacity
    Enjoy solar heated water for multiple showers with the large capacity and flow-control shower head.
  • Fast-Heating
    Black back material absorbs heat from the sun to warm the water up to 120° Fahrenheit.
  • Built-In Thermometer
    Check water temperature with the built-in thermometer.
  • Hang or Lash Options
    Rugged handle for carrying and hanging shower, and lash points to secure to kayak or tree.
  • Storage compartment
    Mesh compartment to stow toiletries and hose when not in use.
  • Directions on Bag
    Easy to use with instructions printed on the bag.


About SOL

Adventure Ready Brands® inspires outdoor adventure, no matter the conditions. Our organized-by-injury Adventure Medical Kits® and QuikClot® will soothe your wounds. Ben's® and Natrapel® insect repellents will keep the bugs at bay. If they get you (they always do), AfterBite® will stop itching on the spot. Survive Outdoors Longer® (SOL) leads the survival category with the number-one selling survival kits and shelters in the outdoor industry. Let us help you stay safe. We'll see you out there, if you're Adventure Ready.

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