Founder's Letter

From the desk of Larry Potterfield Larry Potterfield

The Employees at MidwayUSA are a very special group of people! As I travel around the country attending the various trade shows or possibly on a hunting trip, regularly I meet Customers who want to personally thank Brenda and me for the level of service we provide or our support for the shooting sports industry.

Certainly I always enjoy receiving such feedback, but my answer is pretty much always the same: "we have a really great group of people at MidwayUSA; and good enough is not good enough." There are many components that define the DNA of an organization and I am pleased to say that two of the most important are quite evident as you walk through this place – a relentless focus by everyone on serving Customers and an equally strong focus on continuous improvement.

Concerning the gifts that Brenda and I are able to make to the various youth shooting organizations and our support for the National Rifle Association; I know it seems like a lot of money, but we don't think of it as a big deal. Brenda and I are just country kids from Missouri and are able to live the American dream of raising a family that we are proud of and having the opportunity to develop and grow a successful family business. We were always taught to respect others, be generous and think about the future.

Thanks for Your Business,

Larry's Signature

Larry Potterfield,
Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA